Varholik's release of bass, the family awaits the prison

Eva Varholik leaves the gate of the prison of Budapest Tuesday morning.

For her building from the morning BMW relatives in Košice are waiting in the white BMW. Varholik's mother Eva Rezeš and her younger daughter even waited just before the doors of the prison, but did not let them go and after twenty minutes they returned to the car. The disposition of Kosice also required great media attention.

We will update the message when Varholíková goes to freedom.

She sat down in the base six years for a road accident caused by alcohol and four people died there. Varholíková, through her lawyer, asked the Budapest court a few weeks ago for a conditional release. The court confirmed the request on 17 July.

According to the Hungarian news portal, Slovakia had to spend the last day in a so-called prison cell in which she was completely alone. Tuesday I would have to take over the things she had to do when handing over the sentence, I must sign the signing protocol. Then the guard takes her to the gate of the prison, which she leaves after years.

Varholíková behaved exemplary, met all the strict rules and did not conflict with one of her fellow prisoners in the execution of the sentence. She worked in Hungarian and worked in the tailor's workshop. The Court of Appeal near Budapest sentenced her on September 11, 2014 to nine years in prison for a traffic accident with four victims in 2012 on the Hungarian M3 motorway.

The Senate has tightened up the judgment of the court at first instance, according to which it was necessary for Slovakia to serve only six years. The court found Kosicek guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. In addition to tightening his deprivation of liberty, he has tightened his ban on driving cars from the original five years to eight. According to the judgment of the Court of Appeal, she can be released prematurely after two thirds of the sentence has expired.

Under the influence of alcohol, Varholíková hit the high-speed line M3 on 21 August 2012 in the super-fast Fiat Punto. Three people have been killed. Another woman in the burning car suffered serious injuries, which she suffered after the transfer to the hospital.

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