Video: More than 100 migrants from Morocco hit a fence in Spain, several police officers are injured

There are illegally thousands of people in sub-Saharan Africa living in Morocco and trying to enter Europe through six-meter-high barbed wire fences a year.

MADRID, Aug. 22 ( – On Wednesday, ten migrants arrived to cross the border crossing points separating the Spanish enclave Ceuta from the territory of Morocco.

The Spanish Guardia Civil said via Twitter that seven police officers sustained injuries when migrants tried to go through the fence that reportedly threw acid and burnt lime. According to news agency Europa Press, about one hundred migrants have received European soil.

In Morocco, thousands of sub-Saharan African countries live illegally, each year trying to reach Europe through six-meter high barbed wire fences that separate the Spanish enclaves from Ceuta and Melilla. Those who cross the fences will offer temporary accommodation and eventually send or release them to their home country, AP says. In July more than 600 migrants arrived in Ceuta in one day.

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