We must belong to Western culture

Hungary must insist on belonging to Western culture. This happened on Monday in Budapest by President János Áder at the central celebration of the state feast of the founder of the state, the first king of Hungary, Stephen.

The president emphasized that it was right Stephen joined the Hungarians with the West.

The head of state, before the oath of the Hungarian army officers on Kossuth Square, said that Hungary was also preserved in turbulent times of history because it was strong.

Ader recalled that in the difficult times – such as the anti-communist revolution in 1956 – the Hungarians chose to live without fear, human dignity, freedom of religion, the right to work and justice. The citizens of Hungary have called for the preservation of the St. Stephans traditions.

Minister of Defense Tibor Benko emphasized that in Hungarian history it has been repeatedly confirmed that peace is a particularly delicate issue.

The head of the ministry emphasized that Hungary needs a strong army, new military equipment, well-trained and armed soldiers, as well as suitable officers and generals. This goal, according to his words, serves the Zrnyi 2026 Armed Forces Development Program.

The oaths of the officers were watched by thousands of visitors from Budapest and the Hungarian capital.

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