Weapons for schools of federal funds. The US ministry is considering it

The plan was immediately criticized by opposition Democrats.

24. August 2018 o 11:55 TASR

WASHINGTON. The US Department of Education is considering whether individual EU countries may use federal funds to buy weapons for schools. AP reported Thursday by appealing to the Ministry's statement.

An unnamed member of the government of the Republican President Donald Trump for AP said the Department of Education is examining valid federal subsidy legislation to see if it is possible to use this money to buy weapons.

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The relevant law adopted by the US Congress in 2015 does not explicitly mention such an alternative, but it does not even prohibit it.

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Minister of Education Betsy DeVos, chairman of the Federal School Safety Commission, has previously proposed that schools have the opportunity to allow their teachers to carry a weapon. The Commission was formed after the 17-year-old Nikolas Cruz had shot down 19-year-olds in the Florida Parkland area in February.

The plan of the US Department of Education, first reported by the New York Times, immediately criticized opposition democrats.

The Democratic Minority Leader of the American Congress, Nancy Pelosi, has described the plan of the Ministry of Education as "the most horrific, the fastest and the most dangerous abuse of our education system in modern history."

"Minister DeVos continues to work against students and teachers in the interests of the National Army Owners Association (NRA)," added Pelosi.

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