Wilderness in peaceful and horrible Sweden – protests against immigration and vandalism before parliamentary elections

Stockholm, August 31, 2018 (HSP / Photo: TASR / AP-Thibault Camus)

In quiet, peaceful and divine Sweden, praised by many politicians and analysts, there is longer nervousness and uncertainty in a state that is ironically called "the land of victorious socialism". In addition, the whole country took on demonstrations, protests and vandals. Many citizens urge the government to change and tighten migration policy before the parliamentary elections of 9 September.

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Several Swedish media say that the current election campaign can change the cardinal leadership of the country by cardinalization and that Sweden may become the second EU member to become a member of the Union after the United Kingdom. The largest part of Sweden wants to tighten anti-immigration policy. Young people are usually involved in protest actions. Many of them exceed certain limits: in the summer, young gangs scan cars at locations where migrants live. The media I write that these sites are dangerous to appear even during the day …

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of migrants have come to Sweden. This 10 million country is a leading leader in the average number of migrants per capita. There are very high prices, taxes and levies in Sweden, and the vast majority of Sweden is opposed to the government's free use of hundreds of thousands of migrants. Otherwise the economy of the country is certainly scarce. For years Sweden has been considered one of the safest countries in the world. Migrants "corrected this error" and the criminal activities in Sweden have increased fivefold.

There are more and more Swedish politicians participating in the recruitment of migrants. The most active party is the "Swedish Democrats" party, which strongly opposes the admission of migrants, and suggests a referendum on the EU outpouring, to be a "bauble". The representatives of this party hold the slogans "We keep Sweden Swedish".

At the moment public opinion polls show that ultra-right politicians can get a third of voters' votes at the election – three times more than at the election. 2014. On the other hand, the ruling Social Democrats have only 20 percent – 10 percent less than four years ago. Noteworthy fact: it is the worst result of the Swedish Social Democrats in the past century.

The "Swedish Democrats" are extremely radically tuned. Three years ago, for example, a member of this party, Gunilla Schmidt, even proposed placing a machine gun on a bridge between Sweden and Denmark and shooting down all migrants approaching the borders of the state. This party calls for the influx of migrants to be maximized. At the same time, he is requesting a referendum on Sweden's membership in the EU.

Presently, surveys suggest that about 40 percent of Sweden is from the EU. The number of opponents is still greater, but the situation is changing rapidly. As the well-known Swedish daily Aftonbladet said, the number of Swedes asking for the EU appearance of a country has increased by eight percent in the past two years.

The current situation in Sweden is disturbing for the Russians, especially in the US, England, Poland, the Baltic states and, of course, in Ukraine. Swedish Democrats & # 39; and nationalists have discovered that the course of present-day Russia does not endanger their country at all, or even helps curb the influx of migrants to Sweden. "Swedish Democrats" and nationalists ask to change politics towards Russia, to improve relations with the Kremlin and to lift sanctions against Moscow.

Some Swedish politicians explain the new surprise tendencies in Trump's example. Even a few years ago nobody believed that Trump would win the US elections. Also, a few years ago, no one believed that the relationship with migrants, the European Union and Russia would change in Sweden. That is why many analysts say that the 9 September elections can change the situation in Sweden and the country's policies.

Eugen Rusnák

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