Young Travelers: Brutal Death by the Islamic State

They did not come back from the dream holiday! A young couple has chosen to travel around the world. But the circumstances have been tragically destroyed.

American couple Jay Austin (29) and Lauren Georghegan (29) decided to stop their work and chose to make a dream trip around the world on a bike. A few cyclists met local people and shared their experiences with fans on their blog and Instagram.

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The adventurous journey was tragically thwarted on the 369th day of their trip to Tajikistan. Jaya and Lauren shot the ISIS (Islamic State) hunters. Cyclists from Switzerland and the Netherlands also died together with them. Two days later, video terrorists praised that they "killed the unmarried."

Paradoxically, Jay wrote a few days before he died on his blog all people are in principle nice and friendly. "Evil is a concept we have created to deal with the complexity of people who retain their values ​​and beliefs and who have different perspectives than ours, and people are generally nice," quoted Daily Mirror from Traveler & # 39; s blog.

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