Záborská margo 50th anniversary of the invasion of troops to Czechoslovakia: freedom is a gift, we celebrate it

"Despite the five decades that have passed since then, I have days before my eyes, as it was yesterday.This vivid memory reminds me that the freedom we have gained after the departure of the Soviet troops is not self-evident, it is costly to be redeemed by the lives of dozens of victims and suffer thousands of unjustly imprisoned, weigh and never forget, " Záborská emphasized.

On Tuesday morning, the Slovak MEP attended the Holy Mass in the church of St. Martin in Bojnice, a word of thanks for the gift of the restored freedom. After the masses together with the political prisoners – the Union of Anti-Communist Resistance, the Old Civic Cemetery was visited, where a pious act took place at the tomb of Stanislav Sivák, which had a fatal impact on the deflected bullet when he tried to help Danke Kosanova for the University of Bratislava.

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