Zeman was bad enough: he attacked the journalists again,

Zeman addressed several issues in his speech to the Czech ambassadors – the NATO mission in Afghanistan, the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions and the US-free trade agreement of the European Union. In the criticism of journalists he tried to catch a glimpse, but he got enough of it.

"I am convinced that the intelligence of the Czech journalists is sometimes at the level of the dronte nelífající, a creature living in Madagascar, but it has been extorted well, and Czech journalists have not yet been eliminated," said the Czech president.


"I am convinced that the intelligentsia of Czech journalists is sometimes at the level of a stupid man, a creature living in Madagascar, but rightly exterminated, and Czech journalists are not yet eliminated," he said.

Mauritius, not Madagascar

The head of state apparently shattered the island, on which the aforementioned unruly bird lived in the past. As several Czech media have noted, dront has moved into Mauritius, a small island state 900 kilometers east of Madagascar.

Zeman often speaks to journalists and not at all in the gloves. For example, in his first inaugural address in 2013, he marked a significant part of the Czech media "Island with negative deviations", Which focuses on brainwashing and manipulation of public opinion.

Last May, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said that journalists were too many and had to be liquidated.

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