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Žiga Turk instructed left wing on the panel of the RTV program board that they could only keep their heads!

On Monday, a panel of the Program Council took place on RTV Slovenia, where participants discussed the freedom of expression, wrong news and hateful language. When the participant presented Dr. Žiga Turk, in his introductory speech, which we published in its entirety, the leftists for a few facts, they only held their heads and continued with empty ideological flaps.

Svetlana Slapšak declared that hate speech No 1 only uses the expression "illegal economic migrant", Sandra Bašić Hrvatin As one of the worst cases of incitement to hatred, he stressed the description of the extreme Levica's status of the supercallion by the president Janez Janšaand the panel did not even lack the extreme Domen Savič, he himself is the author of some of the worst offenders of thinking differently, who nowadays actively try to remain silent by pressing on companies that advertise on Nova24TV.

The first point of Dr. introductory address. Žiga Turka spoke about the problem of false news and hate speech, which is exaggerated and insulting. He said this about the following: "For example, the most common false news about fake news is that citizens have a right to real information – no, citizens have the right to distribute and receive information, whether it is true or not." in the opinion of a judge of the American Supreme Court who wrote about this: "Violation can not be a reason to disrupt the freedom of expression". That there are false and real novelties is not true, as Dr. Turk: "There are only unrealistic degrees of truthfulness – from complete lies, through spins, biased news, ways of framing news, to purely objective reporting, fake reports that they have elected presidents in the US and Brexit? scientific article, the impact was on hundreds of percent False reports that they are a threat to democracy No, they pose a smaller threat to democracy, such as false messages about false messages If the Russians really contributed to Donald's election Trump, or if this is just an assumption or accusation, this is the lesser Trump's legitimacy, which is in the general interest in this case of the Russians and the Democrats, the Internet, to create the emergence of groups of people, But it is scientifically proven that users of social networks are more exposed to news makers than the readers of the dominant media. ken is formed when 95% of journalists are practically the same political shuffle, is more dangerous than grouping some readers on the internet. "

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