About the purchase of Dragon Gate: "Easy boring.

Now the Sisyfos Group comments on the purchase of the Dragon Gate luminaire project, read more about the deal here.

Seller is the businessman Jingchun Li who makes a deal about the deal. He said earlier that he invested 200-250 million kroner in the project.A job of the Real Estate World is that the purchase price is now lower than 25 million kroner – after a very extensive sales process.

The plan is to give this a new life in the whole Chinese building along the E4 in Älvkarleby.

Olle Larsson, CEO Sisyforsgruppen, motivates the purchase:

– Why? Perhaps because it is easily boring. Difficult is fun.

Many have wondered and wondered what will happen to the infinite Dragon Gate over the years.

Now the Sisyforsgruppen starts with the extensive work to open the gate.

"As an entrepreneur, a divorce and community builders, I think Dragon Gate is one of the most exciting things you can imagine, just like everyone else, I am fascinated by the story, and now it's our job to make sure that this unique property becomes better, "says Olle Larsson.

Dragon Gate, located 5 km from Gävle and 50 minutes from Arlanda, today consists of a hotel, a heavenly peace square, a museum with a fully terracotta army and related activities such as restaurant, tea house, kung-fu center and shops. Everything in authentic Chinese style and framed by the accompanying Chinese wall.

– How Chinese is the future for Dragon Gate remains to be seen. We have not closed doors, but there is no doubt that China is in no way a hot spot for us. Now the purchase is clear, the place is ours and now a creative phase of the work is underway to find the right way forward, "says Olle Larsson.

Martin Andaloussi, Business Manager at Gemeente Älvkarleby:

"For the municipality Älvkarleby we are happy that we can now change magazines in the Dragon Gate story and look to the future We welcome the Sisyfos group and our hope is of course that together we can make Dragon Gate something to be proud of to be.

Olle Larsson, CEO and owner Sisyfosgruppen.

The takeover includes a museum of 200 natural terracotta soldiers.

The hotel has 8,000 square meters and has 58 rooms.

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