Blackrock tried to set Elon Musk aside

Elon Musks Double depending on the manufacturer of the electric car Tesla – South Africa is both president and president – not everyone falls on the lips.

At the company's annual general meeting on 5 June, the fund giant Blackrock voted for a proposal to force Elon Musk of the chairman of the chairman, with a corresponding amount of SEK 53,000 billion in managed capital.

It writes the CNBC TV channel, which has participated in paper that Blackrock submitted to the US financial inspection on Thursday.

The proposal was originally raised by Jing Zhao, who owns twelve Tesla shares in April.

According to Jing Zhao it was not effective that Elon Musk held the two highest offices of the company.

Already in advance, the opposition was supported by ISS and Glass Lewis advisers, who vote globally as a collective representative of institutional owners at general meetings.

The proposal has been voted But with almost 84 percent of the votes cast, and just over 16 percent.

"Blackrock's approach to ownership issues is driven by our commitments to our customers, the owners," Blackrock writes in a commentary on the data.

The Blackrock funds hold nearly 6.5 million of the 107 million listed shares of Tesla, making Blackrock one of the top ten owners.

Elon Musk caused the big rabbi of this summer about the property of Tesla, when he wrote in a tweet on August 7 that he planned to buy the company from the stock market and to ensure the financing.

On August 24, he left the plans.

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