O & # 39; boy deficit throughout Sweden

Do you like O & # 39; boy? Of course you do it! Who has the stomach enough not to love the amazing chocolate drink that has characterized someone's life since childhood?

Today, however, is a sad day for all of us who love the chocolate drink. Why? Yes, the production has stopped, reports EFN.

Many angry, boy-sucked people have struggled to get their beloved pulverized pressure. But now the production company announces that the production is normal again, writes Aftonbladet.

People across the country have suffered from the lack of O & # 39; boy. The shelves have been left empty in various stores. This is due to a mechanical update in the factory that has carried out the deliveries.

Comments and messages on O & # 39; Boy & # 39; s Facebook page share the frustration of many other customers who need a clear message. There have been reports of O & # 39; boy shortage in Linköping, Stenungsund, Eskilstuna and parts of Stockholm.

Some messages on the company's Facebook page are as follows:

"Paniiiik in the toddler family, the children do not understand why Dad has a shot and I do not?"

"O & # 39; boy is outdated at all stores, so here is no" morning and afternoon "…"

"What is the technical problem? Will I help you?"

"O & # 39; boy …. now, Devils have put O & # 39; boyabstin people in full force ……. Must O & # 39; boy"

But do not fear! Celin Huseby, Nordic Communications Director at Modelez Europe Services, announces that Sweden will soon be able to enjoy the chocolate drink again.

"I was just told that the factory O & # 39; boy started to produce again as usual, which can be expected in stock at the end of next week.

This means that we will soon see the red-blue package again on the shelves.

There are many people who have a relationship with O & # 39; boy. And everyone knows how little things can make the fun. News24 has listed 7 problems that you recognize when you like to drink O & # 39; boy. Read them here.

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