Persistent hackers disrupt data traffic in Värmdövik –

A bunch of hungry woodpeckers have made life bad for broadband users in Värmdövik. Mikael Aksamit has an IT company and rarely works at home.
"It worked well for four years, until this summer, then my neighbor, and now I, several times, I and the technicians saw how the woodpeckers almost immediately, during the repair, break the thick fiber cloth (plastic cord) around the tearing small straws into the fiber, "he says.

Dragged to buzzing sounds
The number of larger woodpeckers is currently greater than normal with Värmdövik, and because the woodpecker is better than other, not the least the buzzing sound of wires and fibers, which according to him are worms, the wrapped aerial lines are poor.

Previously it happened that buzzing telephone posts could be attacked by woodpeckers, so to the extent that they had to be replaced. Now it is broadband.

Skanova, owner of the management, and the company Bredband2, which manages the service, has taken action. You even pulled the whole thread, but for the big disappointment of the installers, the woodpeckers put the nibs in the new fiber sheath before their eyes during the installation.
"It has become a bit tiresome that the broadband time and time again stops working, it does not matter that repairers come out and repair the wiring All the other infrastructure here, electricity and water, is buried, but not broadband. see, the only way to get it done, says Mikael Aksamit.

Unknown problem
From the press department of Telia, Inger Gunterberg announces that this is the first time that woodpeckers cause drift disturbances in this way.
"We do not have very airtight air pipes, but there are few places, we repair the damage and we'll see how we can do it in this case," she says.

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