Positive but skeptical public after the announcement of new jobs in the state of Härnösand – P4 Västernorrland

During Friday, the municipality of Härnösand presented a government initiative with 50 new jobs in Härnösand, but you do not know what job or when it will be.

"In concrete terms, this means that a researcher is appointed to collect tasks and provide joint office space in the municipality of Härnösand," said City Council President Andreas Sjölander (S) at the municipality's press conference.

"This fact-finding mission, which is about to begin, will be finalized in April 2019. Of course, it will also include the authorities and an appropriate date for when this will happen," said Karin Frejarö (MP) Vice President .

People in the city in Härnösand think that sounds positive, but also a bit of a security guard. "That sounds good, of course, but is there any truth in it?" Questions Anita Edlund is retired and works part-time with older people.

Johan Silverfred is a historian and thinks it is good, but he wanted more clarity:

"It is positive for Härnösand, because they have lost a lot, but at the same time you may want something clearer and not too unclear.

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