SDvill lower fuel prices by increasing CO2 emissions

It is the mixture of various biofuels that, according to Martin Kinnun, makes petrol and diesel too expensive. The government has decided that from 1 July of this year the reduction percentage will be 19.3 percent for diesel and 2.6 percent for petrol. The percentages and requirements for the inclusion of biofuels in fossil fuels must also be increased to different inspection stations.

The government and various opposition parties are of the opinion that more biofuels in petrol and diesel are an effective means of reducing CO2 emissions from cars and trucks in particular. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 70 percent by 2030.

It does not like Democrats in Sweden. Martin Kinnunen believes that the reduction obligation only makes the fuel more expensive and that the effect on the environment is limited.

"We want to significantly reduce the quota requirement to five percent, then the price of gasoline and diesel will be reduced, and the government says emissions will reduce emissions by 17 percent, but our calculations show that it's only 5 percent. To change, we can both lower the price, lower the price and use the plus value, which is about 70 more lower prices for petrol and diesel.

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The government has already stopped some HVO

According to Kinnunen, several biofuels are bad for the environment. He mentions palm oil and HVO with palm oil as an example.

"Due to the mixing of these propellants, they are forced to fuel and burn diesel and expensive biofuels.

The tax exemption for biofuels containing palm oil was also removed in connection with changes to the government's quota obligations rules. The decision will apply from 1 January 2019, which means that palm oil-based HVO will disappear in practice from the Swedish market. Several manufacturers already sell HVO without palm oil. Martin Kinnunen himself debated the government's proposal in the Riksdag.

Do you think there is a pain threshold for the price of petrol and diesel?

"The pain threshold is constantly changing, but we think prices were a kind of pain threshold in 2014. It was wrong for the government to make decisions so that prices fell in height.

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No support for the purchase of electric cars

Martin Kinnunen also does not want support for the sale of electric cars.

"We are opposed to all forms of subsidies on purchases, ie electric cars, electric buses and electric bikes.We do not think it is a good way, it only increases prices.

The Swedish Democrats have programmed some support for the expansion of the charging infrastructure in their party.

"But it has to go to the countryside, and in the cities there is sufficient basis for the market to tackle this without government support.

At the Swedish Democrats Congress in Landsdagarna 2017 there was a motion that the party would adopt a more positive attitude towards electric cars. But the motion was rejected. The Elbil Sweden organization gave the Swedish Democrats the worst judgment in assessing how the different parties would improve the situation of electric cars.

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