Sources: Telia & # 39; s purchase of TV4 can not stop

"The last word is not said," is the message from the government about the takeover of Telias Company TV4, as Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén (S) has clearly shown that he does not like.

The management of Telia has announced in July the company reached an agreement with the owner of TV4 Bonnier Broadcast, despite the fact that the government, which represents the largest Telia owner-state, does not want the purchase to be abolished.

And according to the agreement, there is only one valid reason to recover from the completion of the acquisition, according to SVD's sources, and that is whether the EU competition authorities would put an end to the deal. What the government thinks, or what the Swedish authorities do with the TV4 broadcasting license, has no effect on the agreement, SvD writes.

Social Democrats and moderates agree that the deal must be stopped. In broad consensus, the parliamentary parties believe that it is not good for the state to control both SVT, via property, and TV4 through its 37 percent ownership in Telia.

But according to SVD's sources, the agreement means that Telia risks a billion damages if the politicians try to get the company back from the deal.

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