The children of Ingvar Kamprad can share more than 600 million

Expressen has taken note of the testament of Ingvar Kamprad. It says that the private wealth of Ikebagger was SEK 1.24 billion when Kamprad left in January of this year.

Kamprad & # 39; s four children now gets half of the inheritance. This means that the children can share more than 600 million crowns, which is 150 million crowns per person.

The other half goes to business enterprises through the family foundation.

The sons are also beneficiaries of two different capital insurances. But how much money it is, is not revealed.

"I do not want to tell you more than what's in the boupp drawing," says Per Ludvigsson, testament officer of Expressen.

In handwritten The will excludes Ingvar Kamprad from the children of the children and spouses of receiving the money upon death or divorce, according to Expressen.

When Ingvar Kamprad died in January of this year, he was one of the world's ten richest people with combined assets of SEK 469 billion.

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