Two board members leave Cherry

It writes the game company in a press release released on Friday night.

The ECO has announced that Anna Bergius and Claes Ruthberg will get a suspicion of crimes in connection with the ongoing preliminary investigation of suspected activities of insiders who have been announced cherrys kicked CEO Anders Holmgren in May 2018.

"Both board members make the assessment that their decision is best for the company in the emerging situation," writes Cherry.

On March 23, the former CEO bought shares for SEK 12 million in the company. Three weeks later, the shares had increased by nearly SEK 1.5 million as a result of a reversal of earnings, which was released on April 13, when Cherry indicated that both sales and earnings for the first quarter would hit market expectations. The CEO himself stated that he acted according to "the feeling of love", according to Direct.

According to the overview list of FI Claes Ruthberg and Anna Bergius bought shares in Cherry at the same time as the then CEO.

Di Digital recently interviewed the new lawyer of Anders Holmgren, Olle Kullinger:

"The other attitude is that he has not been wrong in this, he has reported all the circumstances to the public prosecutor and is convinced he did not make a mistake. Now the prosecutor has everything he needs to make a decision. We expect him to make a decision as soon as possible, "he said.

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