Season premiere at the Book Fair: Anders Rydell attends the literature stage

"Last year I did not want to go here, but I think I talk too much at the fair when I say that after last year's discussions about New Times and NMR, it's pretty easy to finally talk about literature again," says Anders. Rydell, when interviewed in Småland & # 39; s literature magazine.

In the episode he talks about the success of the books "The Plunder" and "The Book Thieves" that have reached a world audience and published in 35 editions in 19 languages. Among other things, the American publisher Penguin has chosen to focus on the Swedish author and he is invited to read in the Library of Congress in Washington.

At the same time, he is worried about the declining release of saksprosa:

"This release is declining as we hold a general debate about" fake news "and factories," said Anders Rydell.

If you are on our site, you can listen to the full interview in the above player. If you are reading the app, you will find the podcast here: Paragraph 15: Otherwise Rydell

Smålands litteraturpodds program leader Emilia Söelund and Sophia Magasanik.
Photo: Robert Eriksson

Smålands litteraturpodd is made by Jönköpings Posten culture editor Emilia Söelund and the deputy live manager of Hall Media and Social Media Manager Sophia Magasanik. In the links below you can listen to some of the previous episodes of Literature, but you will find more by searching on our site on stage or where you will find podcasts.

Here you can read more about the 2018 book exchange program.

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