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This year the Book Fair ends when the boss of the fair, Frida Edman, and program manager Oskar Ekström present the following three themes. One of them, already known, is South Korea.

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– We are celebrating 60 years of diplomatic relations between our countries next year. South Korean literature also evolves internationally, especially when it comes to the Crimean genre and young feminist writers. We look forward to being inspired by you, "said Frida Edman and welcomed three South Korean representatives who said they were looking forward to a fascinating adventure focused on humanity.

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Equality is the next theme. By 2019 it is exactly 100 years ago that the decision was taken to introduce universal suffrage for women in Sweden. The book fair is celebrating the anniversary, says Oskar Ekström, but also focuses attention and revitalizes the conversation about how gender equality can be achieved.

One of the guests on the theme is the Syrian author Samar Yazbek, as in his book 19 women: stories about resilience from Syria has spoken with 19 women who were in the midst of the war-hell.

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"The daily pressures of women are strong in many parts of the world, and today the abortion in Sweden is discussed, equality must be defended and literature can help us, says Oskar Ekström.

The third theme is with (ie) consciousness.

"If we want to be strong in a new digitized state and time, media and information skills are one of the most central knowledge," says Carl Heath, the government's researcher to protect the democratic society.

Frida Edman is overwhelmed by the positive response she received during this year's fair, and she provides concrete figures that summarize the weekend: 811 exhibitors have taken place, 3,800 program points have been arranged and 917 journalists have been accredited. The most visited seminars were Ola Roslings and Anna Rosling Rönnlund and Magnus Ugglas. The theme of the year was respect, image and media.

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