15 dead dead reptiles found in the forest – Norrköping

The macabre find outside of Krokek was made by a private person on Sunday evening, police said. When the event was reported, however, the darkness had already fallen and it was therefore decided that a patrol would only be on the spot on Monday morning. When the police arrived, it appeared that about 15 snakes and lizards – all dead – had been placed on the ground.

– There is currently a report on animal wreck. It is unclear how they died, but they ended up in one way or another. But we do not know if they were dead when they got there or that they died on the spot. They had no visible injuries, "said Monica Bergström, presidential spokesperson for the police.

The police only ensure animals in acute danger. Because the found reptiles were already dead when they were found, the police contacted the County Administrative Board instead to take care of the animals.

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During the Sunday we could report that the killing of rats in plastic bags was found just before entering Sörsjön on highway 55. The police currently do not know whether events can collapse.

"It is too early to say anything," says Monica Bergström.

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