38-year-old man suspected of rape in Malmö

The tip of the suspected rapist came to the police of Malmö after the TV program "Wanted" on Thursday. Then the police had previously published a phantom of the suspect, as well as a film in which he cycled.

These are two rape in Malmö, Rosengård on 22 May and at the entrance to Neptune in the western port on 2 June this year.

"We were given a series of tips on Thursday and one of those who came into contact with" Wanted "became interesting with our own research material, so we arrived with the man in his absence this morning and confiscated him today, he says, Ola Lavie.

The police have DNA traces in both cases of rape, both of which show the same perpetrator and have now tried the arrested man.

"We hope to get answers to the samples this weekend," says Ola Lavie.

The police also has investigated whether there might be more unresolved rape cases that could be linked to the same perpetrator:

"One of these may be interesting in the research," says Ola Lavie.

The man is arrested as reasonably suspected of rape, that is, the lower suspicion.

& # 39; That suspicion has remained after our first interrogation with him.

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