"A horse never gets 100 percent road safety"

  Kattis Stenbäck and the German Half-Blood favorite, also known as Ed.

Kattis Stenbäck works as a driving instructor at the maturing club of Tunalid and has been working with horses for a long time. What she most annoys in the role of driving instructor is that people no longer attract attention when they are on the road with small children's groups.

– Everyone who has obtained a driver's license has gone through the training to stay calm while riding horses, and then I think everyone should think that they are small children and big animals, it's terrible when they can do not respect it, she says.

Everyone should understand that a horse never gets 100 percent road safety

Kattis Stenbäck has been very close but fortunately not involved in a serious accident itself. She tells us that horses, like elk, occasionally pet because of cars. But the point is that the horse gets scared and the rider falls off and hits.

– Everyone should understand that a horse never gets 100 percent road safety. Horses are fugitive and if they are afraid of something in the bush, they jump on the road, they joke in the car and do not think they are hit by her, she says.

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Her own horse is located in Delsbo, a small town in the municipality of Hudiksvall, where she lives. She describes it herself as "a bit more in the countryside."

– There is less traffic there. But I can say that they do not run slower because there are small roads. The roads are often narrower, so it is very difficult for riders to move. It's about interaction, she says.

  For Kattis Stenbäck it is a matter of disrespect, of both motorists and riders.

She also experiences the same problem, the difficulty of moving, when instructing children's groups.

– We move as much as we can and there is no other way than that which is available. If it was possible to drive in the woods and on roads that are only for us, we would never have gone, she says.

According to Kattis Stenbäck there is a lack of respect for the motorist, but sometimes even for riders. Some things they use in the riding school are reflexes and headlights. Everything for the drivers to discover the drivers on time. They also use jackets where there is a "young horse" on the back that you can use if you're out with a younger horse that has not been in the traffic.

– Motorists must be able to accept that the horses are on their way. They think we're in the way. Stay calm, hold on, take eye contact and look for so that you are aware of each other. That's how it's going to be good, says Kattis Stenbäck.

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It is the traffic control that regulates how horses should be used in traffic and they make no difference whether it is a vehicle or a horse. The rules for vehicles apply mutatis mutandis, even if you have a horse in traffic. If you have a horse with a carriage, it is considered a clear vehicle and it can even be done if you ride or ride on the horse.

  Road sign Warning for driving is a road section where driving often crosses or is on the road.

– Everyone in traffic is a road user and must ensure that accidents are prevented. It makes unusual demands on ordinary road users, if we separate horses from ordinary road users, to take into account. It can not be claimed that I was there first or drove so fast and so fast, "said Hans Cassepierre, researcher at the Transport Agency.

Anyone who is in traffic is a road user and needs care and care in take the eight needed to prevent accidents.

Like Katti Stenbäck, Hans Cassepierre also believes that it is a matter of respect.

– It does not work to sound and noise, other road users must respect the horse as a road user. Unfortunately, not everyone does it, and it is probably stupid and ignorant, "says Hans Cassepierre.

The consequences that occur when the accident is present, vary. But irrespective of who is the cause of the accident, the rider is entitled to compensation for bodily injury by the road insurance of the vehicle.

– If the accident is present, it usually goes to court. There you determine who did wrong. It may be that the rider has done something wrong, but also that the driver has not paid enough attention, "says Hans Cassepierre.

  The traffic rules determine how horses should be used in traffic.

Lotta Amnestål works as an information manager at the Swedish Riding Association and for those who wonder how to behave in traffic, she refers to their website. There you can, among other things, consider nine points that are extra important to consider when driving as a motorist with horses in traffic.

– The most important thing when you're sitting in the car and looking at a horse is that you take it easy. Try eye contact and drive carefully, so it will be fine, she says.

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