African parrot in distress outside museum Gothenburg Message

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At 2 pm on Monday, the emergency services received a somewhat strange alarm. It was a parrot sitting in a tree in the Maritime Museum.

In the past you tried to get the bird through a lift.

"However, it is not easy for the firefighters to get there," said Olof Ohlsson, GP's photographer.

When the savers came near, equipped with apples and a pit, the gojan became suspicious and set out for another tree in the area.

Unfortunately, it was too strong for the rescue team to get close.

It was attacked

As if it were not enough, the parrot was also attacked by aggressive skates.

The effort was completed at the end of the 15th.

Animal bulletins were also in place and according to them it is very important to get the bird quickly.

"If the skates are on it, it will be very bad," says Monika Andén about Animal Bug, which also encourages the public to keep an eye on.

The parrot is a gray jako, a beautiful little parrot, silver gray with red elements.

The owner of Gojan, Kåre Lindén, has been looking for the afternoon and the evening.

The gray jacket, which bears the name Cissi, is usually on the balcony and tunes the days, even this Monday. Cissi, however, learned to open the cage, and when Kåre forgot the carabiner just this day, she opened the door and flew away.

She does not find a home. But she recognizes my voice, so I try to make myself clear, says Kåre Lindén.

Keep searching

She does not have a fashion show to talk about, according to Kåre. If the gojan finds a place for the night, he has good conditions to see Cissi intact.

– If she is not attacked, I think there is a chance. She has a bad foot that makes it harder for her to defend herself, says Kåre who continues to look like Tuesday.

She has been a member of the family for 25 years and has only disappeared once. Then she left for two days. At this moment it feels difficult that she is gone.

"It is a life partner, we are usually cuddled.

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