After the explosion: Woman led to an operation with complicated injuries

At half past seven on Sunday morning there was a place explosion in restaurant O & # 39; Learys in the center of Nyköping. The police, which supervises the site today, confirms that it is not a natural explosion.

"It is not a form of gas explosion or any other natural cause, but it usually indicates that it is an object that is not part of the restaurant that has exploded," says Henrik Hägglund, a study member of the Nyköping police.

Damaged woman driven to operate

The woman who was in the restaurant when the explosion took place was taken to Nyköpings lasarett with an ambulance.

According to the police, her injuries had to be so complicated that she had to be transferred to another hospital for an operation. How badly injured she is, however, the police can not comment.

The classification of general degeneration remains, but the police have also added the title attempt to murder.

"Maybe for Christmas"

The police have interviewed about 20 people, but demand more evidence. The monitoring of images that the police have been looking at has so far yielded no results.

– You do not have to have seen anyone in the right mood to listen. If you went to Öster on Sunday between 6 May and 7 September, we would like to hear what Hägglund says, but we do not believe that the issue will be resolved in the near future.

"If this is difficult and we get a perpetrator, it might be ready for Christmas, that's the level of this issue, technical research has to be done and everything else takes its time." I have no charges on Friday, I can promise .

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