After the extreme hood – now the readiness check – News

The government appoints five investigations to secure and strengthen the crisis response in Sweden.

We expect that climate change will change the weather conditions. The emergency preparedness of Sweden must be calculated, says Minister of Industry and Innovation Mikael Damberg (S).

The National Council for Health and Welfare has been instructed, among other things, to examine the capacity of health care to deal with crisis situations, such as elevated temperatures for medical care and the handling of situations in which evacuation is necessary.

Deficits are reported

The Public Health Authority will examine how counseling and support in health care and healthcare services work in municipalities and district councils for future heat waves. The Swedish transport administration has also been commissioned to evaluate preparedness and how forest fires and extremes can affect the infrastructure.

Shortages and threats must be reported for an action plan for measures and costs, "said Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin (MP).

The operational efforts of forest fires in the summer will also be evaluated and the government has appointed a special investigator to investigate the rescue efforts in Gavleborg, Dalarna and Jämtland County.

Compensation to municipalities

The Swedish Geological Survey (SGU) was also asked to develop better information at national level about groundwater. This makes it easier to predict shortcomings and to find alternative water sources.

The Civil Protection and Preparedness Authority (MSB) also has more opportunities to replace municipalities after the summer fire.

Authorities, municipalities and volunteers have made great efforts. Finally we got control over the situation. We have to learn from this, so that we are better prepared the next summer ", says Mikael Damberg (S).

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