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Åkesson was the last party leader and he managed to draw attention to himself before the hearing began. He called on a press conference at SVT & # 39; s West Bank Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven (S), to abandon SD's policy.

I am very tired of the lie factory in Sveavägen 68. Today, Löfven said that we want to end the municipal equalization system, Åkesson told the media at the entrance to the TV house and continued:

Either he is completely upset, has completely lost or he is lying. Both things make him unsuitable as prime minister.

Flyr statements

Anders Ygeman, former minister and social democrat party leader in parliament, rejected the allegations of Jimmie Åkesson.

We did not distribute the wrong information, he told SVT.

He also called it "completely wrong" that S would undermine the democratic process.

We quote leading Democrats in Sweden and want to fly from their own statements.

Difficult with numbers

During the hearing, Åkesson experienced some problems by reporting figures to support their claims. The party wants to save millions of millions of climate measures and instead invest a few hundred million crowns in international measures. At the same time SD wants to reduce the tax on petrol and diesel, reduce aviation taxes and make biofuels more expensive.

I am 100% sure that it reduces emissions of more than a billion on electric bicycles. I will add the songs later on my Facebook page later this evening, "said Åkesson.

He could not remember figures when he was pushed for the party's proposal to release the five billion that pays out the settlement fee for newcomer costs.

Now I do not have the numbers in my head, was the answer.

Run the election manifest

SD wants to reduce the income tax by 25 billion, and Jimmie Åkesson admits that the policy of the party is closest to the moderates.

He also received questions about the proposal for a registration action, to abolish the right to dual citizenship and to introduce a total asylum summit.

When the government's question arose, Åkesson was asked if he could think of supporting an Alliance government.

When Ulf Kristersson comes and says that I have now read your election program and that is fine, we do it, then it is clear that he can drive. But it is good under those conditions, Åkesson said.

Another subject of the SD leader was at the place where the proposal for a registration law, in which the neighbor reports hidden immigrants who rejected the asylum application.

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