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According to the proposal, it is compulsory for children aged three years and older to attend kindergarten three hours a day.

The inspiration comes from Denmark, where the incumbent bourgeois government, the Danish People's Party and the Social Democrats agreed that children in vulnerable areas should go to compulsory kindergarten to learn Danish. In Sweden, the Alliance wants the equivalent to apply to newcomers.

"This is a requirement if you are looking for Sweden If you do not have the language at all, if you have children aged three years or older, you should go to this language school, says Ebba Busch Thor (KD).

The proposal includes Even if the establishment allowance as an adult receives newcomers, it can be terminated if you do not put your child in a language school.

The Alliance believes that the demand for new entrants' activities should be tightened up during the initial period and that, to a greater extent than now, it can reduce compensation for those who, without valid reasons, do not participate in the efforts of the establishment.

In the case of asylum seekers the Alliance wants to make it mandatory for Swedish education and community orientation, including those who can not stay in Sweden after a completed asylum process.

To make it easier for newcomers to start a business, you want to start with what you & # 39; micro companies & # 39; mentions, where tax is simpler than now and where the share capital does not have to be higher than 25,000 crowns (compared with 50,000 crowns today).

The Alliance also wants Put down the employment service and introduce what you call calling tasks. It is a form of employment that applies to newcomers and young people up to the age of 23 who do not have a secondary school diploma. The salary will be 70 percent of the starting salary, the employment lasts for three years. During that time, the employer's fee will be canceled.

At the same time, work has already begun on the introduction of what is called "establishment job", according to an agreement that the red-green government, the LO, the Union and the Swedish business community met in March this year.

According to that model everyone who gets a job receives half of the employer's salary and the other half in the form of a contribution from the state. The job may only be in collectively affiliated companies. That model needs to be changed, taking into account the Alliance parties that view the temporary employment sector as included, as well as companies that do not have collective agreements.

"I want a new government to quickly negotiate with the parties to adjust their agreement.

"If they refuse and continue to persevere in the fact that a large part of the Swedish small companies will stay outside, we will continue to legislate, then it will take a bit longer, but on the other hand it will yield more results," says Jan Björklund. (L).

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