An equivalent school for Växjö children

Submitter of Malin Lauber (S) and Henrietta Serrate (S).

After a long, beautiful and very hot summer holiday it is time for school start. We want to welcome all new and old students to the school in Växjö and a new and educational year. We of the Social Democrats in Växjö have released a school package in which we presented some of the proposals we want to carry out over the next four years, if we have the confidence of the voters to lead Växjö after the September elections. Education is our priority for us. That is why we must put an end to the declining school results in Växjö.

In a strong society you must know that the school is there for you and your child. All schools must be good – and knowledge must always come first. It requires large investments and more qualified skilled teachers who know community support. For us, this is more important than tax cuts and privatizations.

It is the school that has the opportunity to equalize the differences between children and young people and offers all people the opportunity to realize their dreams and be free in their future choices. Parents' level of education plays an increasingly important role in the way students succeed in school. The dreams of children and pupils should not be restricted to background or even parental benefits. A school that allows all people to grow makes the whole community stronger. We will have a resource allocation system that contributes to an equivalent school. The schools and students who need it most need to get the most.

It is important that teachers concentrate on their core assignment. This requires a basic respect and trust for the teaching profession, together with good working conditions. The school must be a safe place for both the student and the teacher. With more adults at school, we are better equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

This is what the Social Democrats in Växjö want:

– Childcare must be offered by parents at all times

– Strengthen the health of students

– All children will be seen – More adults at school

– School time should be a planned positive experience

– More support for the students who need it best

– All National High Education programs have university admission

– Discover the needs and take timely action

Malin Lauber (S), city ​​council in opposition

Henrietta Serrate (S), Vice-Chairman of the Education Council


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