Anders Ygeman: Are you ready to disappoint your voters about SD, Lööf?


Anders Ygeman: you have to choose whether SD will influence or not

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Will Annie Lööf realize his high battle against Jimmie Åkesson and prevent Ulf Kristersson from forming a government that is supported by the Swedish Democrats, asks Anders Ygeman.

DEBATE. Annie Lööf and Ulf Kristersson repeat repeatedly that the Alliance will take the government, even if you receive less than the reddish elections. Such a government would be addicted to SD in every blocking vote.

This was a clear betrayal by Annie Lööf against the voters of the Center Party who reasonably noted that the party was raging hard against the brutal powers of Swedish politics.

The Center Party has clearly stated that the Swedish Democrats are their main opponents in Swedish politics. Which is good. But connects such a message to the electorate.

Can Annie Lööf promise his electorate that he intends to do everything in his power to prevent Sweden's Democrats from obtaining the right to vote for every four-ballot vote for the next four years.

Just as Annie Lööf and Michael Arthursson write in their debate article, Sweden is expected to face a complicated parliamentary position after the elections.

The reason for the government is that you can get the budget and the possibility for this is based on the Riksdag. Which party in the government is uninteresting in this respect.

In both 1998 and 2002, the civil parties had more mandate than the social-democratic government, but Göran Persson knew through his budgetary cooperation in the Riksdag that he received sufficient support for his economic policy and thus managed to govern the country.

Lööf tries to pray The Social Democrats be rescued to protect the Alliance from SD influences. In an interview in today's industry, she stated that although "we are getting smaller, reddish green, I want to keep the Alliance". What Annie Lööf is now suggesting is that the Alliance will be governed regardless of election results. This falls on his own dishonesty.

Since an alliance state supported by the Swedish Democrats seems just as unlikely as an alliance government supported by the Social Democrats, the scenario remains that M, despite declining opinion figures, tries to take the government by forming a moderate one-party government that supports itself in SD, but also on C and L.

The Center Party would not have to negotiate with SD, but at the same time it would be responsible for giving more decisive control over Swedish politics to the Swedish Democrats.

On direct questions about how the center party stands for such a government, Annie Lööf dies to date so far.

A party that says you never think it would help to influence the Swede Democrats without blinking to give such a government a clear denial.

The location of the center party is complicated. On the one hand, the conflict has for a long time been cultivated against the social democrats at national level, and on the other hand, the danger is seen of the ever-growing flirtation with the growing authoritarian and racist forces in Sweden.

But in the end you have to choose.

In the new political reality block policy is a dead end. Until Annie Lööf reports on government issues, we can live in uncertainty.

Will the Centenary Ulf Kristersson completely follow and catch an S-government, even though the reddish green is the biggest block?

Or will he make his high battle against Jimmie Åkesson and prevent Ulf Kristersson from forming a government supported by the Swedish Democrats?

Anders Ygeman, group leader (S)

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