Anna Ankas talks about her sexual hug with her younger friend

Anna Anka, 47, has become famous as one of the Hollywood frogs who constantly says what she thinks and thinks – and in the season she has released both fragile and memorable quotes. Now comes the following.

In & # 39; Swedish Hollywood Frogs & # 39; she shows her well-turned body and gives her best health tips to the viewers. She sets her education mainly and she works about five days a week.

– It has a lifestyle to do. One must train, pay attention, eat well, sleep well and have a lot of sex.

Anna Anka, 47, has long been back in Swedish David Johansson, 27.

"A lot of sex is good about you", says Anna Anka laughing.

She continues:

– Sperm is a good idea, it is a good facial mask.

Anna Anka together with 19 years younger friend David Johansson.


Have told about sex life

For Anna Anka a well-trained body is proportional. It is important not only to have a nice ass or a nice stomach, but there must also be a balance.

"Training for me is very important, it is to keep the body strong, you must prevent and continue getting older," says Anna Anka.

The reality star has previously told about sex life with David. He is 19 years younger and sees something positive in different ways.

One is that David Johansson does not have much in his baggage – the other is a sex life that does not matter for hacks.

– The sex is great. Ojojoj, it's every day. We can not separate our hands, "says Anna Anka laughing.

She continues:

– So this attraction is so nice, it's great. No, I love him so I do not know how to describe it.

Anna longs for love: "love me who I am"

Now she hopes that the Swedish viewers will see that the love between them is right – despite the age difference.

"He is great, we have fun together It is true love It is very rare that two people click like me and I. We are like a magnet, it flips directly, he is incredibly friendly, he is caring. He really loves me for who I am He never judged, he is always the one who defends me No one has to say anything stupid about Anna Anka.

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