Annie Lööf in SVT & # 39; s research into party leadership over Las.

The center wants companies with up to 50 employees to avoid the rules of unrest in Las.

But Lööf believes that it has little impact on the labor market.

Why make a dubious change if it has no effect?

The introduction of the hearing by Center Leader Annie Lööf in SVT's research into party leadership was one of the most remarkable. Or at least heard.

It was as if Lööf was our expert in forest management and had been hired by SVT to answer questions about how the forest could be burned. Annie Lööf is informative and not a forestry expert.

Then it was protection forest and private landowners. The person who can relate the match of that section can feel free to e-mail. I can not say that I understood what it was about, except that Annie Lööf thinks that private forest owners are good.

The fact that the Alliance does not agree with the migration policy is no news. And of course, the questions ask questions about how a possible bourgeois government should tackle the problem.

But here, Lööf and the questions talked about each other. At least, I saw it that way. Lööf, such as Ulf Kristersson (M), wants to be appointed after parliamentary parliamentary inquiry, which will lead to a long-term arrangement for the migration policy block.

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Annie Lööf in SVT & # 39; s research into party leaders.

The idea is to cancel the migration from government work and instead deal with it in an investigation. Where the Center can end up in a minority, because they are strong advocates of the reintroduction of the right to family reunification. And some other things like SD, M and S hardships have stopped.

Then the question naturally comes back to the government, because it will eventually make proposals to the Riksdag. Only then will the question end in the government's knees and how it will address the issue, perhaps it is too early to have any idea about now.

Annie Lööf also has questions om one of his favorite areas, simpler rules on the labor market. For example, the center wants companies with up to 50 employees to avoid the rules of unrest in the Employment Protection Act, Las. So the rules say that the person with the shortest working time must work first if there is a shortage of work.

As to how this would affect the safety of the labor market, Annie Lööf replied repeatedly that it would not have any major effects. Partly because most companies have collective agreements with which they can negotiate other solutions than the last time, first whether the company has to shrink.

It can hardly be true that Annie Lööf thinks so. Because if the effects are extremely limited, there is absolutely no need to carry out a very interrogated and controversial change. Or she wants to perform an ideologically conditioned maneuver, even if it makes small prints in reality.

Finally, some words about the difference between Liberals and Centers, who also call themselves liberal. When Anne Lööf was asked, she said that they are both part of the same international party group and in the same party group, the Alliance here in Sweden, and that the differences are the ones where the focus lies.

The center has the countryside, climate and small businesses. Liberal school, NATO and nuclear energy.

But that is not the whole truth. As state scientist Katarina Barrling noted in the aftermath after the hearing, celebratory cultures are very different. Liberals are an ideal big city party with quite a few trump cards. The center is a popular movement with the roots in the rural area.

The election movement continues. Tomorrow it is still 13 days until it is finally over.

Plus and minus Annie Lööf

Good or bad performance for the party

Pretty good, but it was too much bite over forests in private possession that you did not understand.

Right answer

It is usually the specialty of Lööf, but yesterday it did not go well with the property tax in four Norrland countries, Las or how an alliance government should keep migration policy together.


The best branch of Annie Löv is her passion for green liberalism.

Grading: World-class. Very well. Good. Approved. Bad. Expire.

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