Armed robbery of drugstore in Örebro – P4 Örebro

It was just before five o'clock that the police were warned that something was not available at a pharmacy in Ladugårdsängen in Örebro. The staff had pressed the alarm and a witness called to the police and confirmed that it was a sharp place – it was a devastated robbery.

"When the police arrive, two young men cycle away with a trash can," says Stefan Wickberg, president-officer at the police in the Bergslagen region.

He also says that it is unclear what type of weapon the perpetrators should have threatened with the personnel.

"It's quite open, we can not guarantee what it's like for weapons, but the approach was that the staff saw that the perpetrators had a weapon, he says.

The two offenders should have been dressed in dark clothes, one of which had a shirt with a peace marker. The police are now looking for the perpetrators and witnesses who have seen the incident.

No one had suffered bodily injury in connection with the robbery.

A person should only be robbed in North America an hour earlier. But the police currently suspect no connection with the events.

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