At this moment: Fire evacuated in an apartment building in Umeå – school – P4 Västerbotten

It is a multi-family house on Älvans Road on Tomtebo in Umeå that burns.

The leader of the rescue insists everyone in the area and anyone who gets smoke problems to go inside and close doors, windows and ventilation.

When the rescue service arrived at the site, you could see flames that protruded through the windows. According to the rescue service, it is a fully developed fire.

The rescue service has seven units in place, even an ambulance must be present.

"We have completed a number of patrols to help the rescue service, the fire is fully developed and there is smoke in the stairwells.

P4 Västerbotten & # 39; s reporter Jesper Nilsson says that around the house a large area is closed and that many fire engines are in place.


According to data from parents of children at the school of Tomtebogårds the school is now evacuated and the parents have been contacted to bring their children back from the school grounds.

It is the headmaster as now the parents ask their children to go to school. The school includes primary and secondary school.


According to rescue chief Anders Jonsson, the fire is not yet under control. The fire started on a balcony in an apartment and it spread to the wind of the house.

– There is still no fire in an apartment. It is the wind that is now the problem, says Anders Jonsson.


According to Andreas Mattson, rescue leader, the whole house has been evacuated. He tells us that there are three stations, a total of about 25 firefighters working on extinguishing work.

"As it looks now, we will not evacuate," he says.

The article is being updated.

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