Bali answers newspaper publishers: "Doing stupid to make a disk"

SWEDEN Hanif Bali (M) has been disqualified from the newspaper publishing organization since he has shared a photomontage in which he writes with weapons. Now he is accused of threatening journalists, but on Facebook he gives a fool.

A satir image in which Hanif Bali's face is cut on the front of a computer game has caused a drama in the media industry. According to newspaper publishers, TU, Bali has social media positions on war and media threats & # 39; put forward.

"We take these shows seriously, it is only a week since a man in Sundsvall was accused of preparing for murder, and we already know that some people find support for hate actions when they see how, for example, MPs, who are actually our legislators, express themselves, "said TU CEO Jeanette Gustafsdotter in a press release.

After a meeting with the trade union organization on Monday, party party secretary Gunnar Strömmer announced that Bali had eradicated the satir image. But the MP does not seem particularly regrettable when he writes about the issue on Facebook.

"Do not go that far"

"It is clear to me that the media are stupid to create a drive that now dominates the news," he writes, and he notes that "all members" of TU Delft have spread the allegedly threatening image:

"So let's play a second with the thought that this picture is so dangerous." That, as magazine publishers say, can lead to Nazi murders of journalists, if I take it – will the remaining media do the same?

According to Hanif Bali, TU members have made publications that have threatened him and his family. On Twitter he asks reporters on Tuesday who are outside his house to stay at a distance:

Read the full paragraph's Facebook articles here:

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