BB-occupiers were disappointed after the visit of the Prime Minister – P4 Västernorrland

Stefan Löfven (S) visits Västernorrland during the Monday and in Sollefteå he met, among others, some BB-occupation representatives who are in the hospital after BB was dropped there about a year and a half ago.

Attorney Pelle Ledin is pleased that the State Secretary is coming to town, but is disappointed that he has not visited the hospital.

"He must show us that he is busy," said Pelle Ledin.

Many of Sollefteå are disappointed that he has not yet visited the occupation. Several other party leaders for parliamentary parties have done so and he grew up just outside Sollefteå.

"There has long been an agreement between the parties not to conduct polling polls in the hospital," says Stefan Löfven (S).

"If you have a blood crisis and there is a discontent that people show around the clock, you have to respect them enough to take care of," says Anna-Marica Ek, who was one of those who met the prime minister during the day.

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