Big protests during the Åkesson meeting in Gothenburg Gothenburg Message

Before the speech of Jimmie Åkesson at Järntorget on Tuesday morning, the police had prepared for a large number of protesters whose aim was to disrupt the leader of the SD.

"Bring your poles, megaphones and your fight, let's crush this party!" Do we want racists who are unequaled in Järntorget here in Götet? No of course not! "Wrote Young Left Göteborg and Bohuslän on his Facebook page on 6 August.

Anyone who can and wants to come is encouraged to mix as much as possible with the SD team meeting, for example with megaphones and slogans or other things that sound a lot. "

Large number of police officers on the spot

And on Tuesday there were hundreds to interrupt the speech of the SD leader, under the supervision of a large number of police officers.

"We have taken care of three or four people who have disrupted public order, but no one is arrested, but they are only taken care of," said Christer Fuxborg, chief officer of the police chief in Järntorget.

How many policemen did you have in place?

"We never say how much we serve for tactical reasons, it's the police line that takes a figure that they think is justifiable.

Despite the large number of police, Fuxborg describes the morning in Jörntorget as calm.

"It was calm, but it feels like everyone has expressed their opinion, the speech was being held and the young people had to do what they wanted, and it seems that most people are now moving to another," he says.

SD leader Jimmie Åkesson says he was not particularly disturbed by the opponents.

"The attitude of young leftist and other extreme leftist organizations is to disturb and cry as much as possible so that what I say is not heard, it is deeply undemocratic, but today you have not succeeded well," he says.

Fogelklou: "A question of democracy"

Jörgen Fogelklou, district chairman of the Swedish Democrats, believes in the meeting that there would be a democracy problem about Ung Vänster the reality of his threat.

"Young Left is good in the world to come and listen to our speech and to show that they are different, but if they bother the meeting, it is something else, he told the GP earlier.


"We have freedom of assembly and people can share what other people think and think about. If you disrupt a meeting so that people can not possibly hear what is being said, it is a democracy problem.

Even before the EU elections in 2014, Young Left called on its supporters to disturb Jimmie Åkesson when he spoke in Gothenburg. That time it ended that the SD leader could not complete the meeting and that Ung Vänster was criticized by left party leader Jonas Sjöstedt: "If you cross a border where you stop other parties to hold a meeting, you go too far regardless of what party it is, "Sjöstedt said to SVT.

The party refuses to pronounce

This time, the left party in Göteborg does not want to comment on the call. District President Adriana Aires says through his press contact Miriam Ryttge that there is no comment "because Ung Vänster is an independent organization".

But what do you think of the method in general?

– You have to bring Young Left. We never talk about it, says Miriam Ryttge.

OK, but if a democratic party, regardless of what it wants, has been allowed to hold a squadron meeting, should you be able to answer the question of what you think someone wants to upset the meeting?

– No, our attitude is that they are an independent organization that makes decisions. We do not comment on it.

But there is a matter of principle in this, can not you even say anything about it?

– No.

Young Left: SD should not have room

Amanda Nyberg is chairman of Young Left Gothenburg and Bohuslän. She says she is calling on this action because it does not seem OK that "the racist policy of SD is openly circulated".

How do you view the position of democracy that you limit their freedom of assembly?

"I think that the normalization of SD has had a negative impact on the debate climate and everyone did not dare to speak openly, and it has a limited democracy.

How do you look at Jonas Sjöstedt's criticism four years ago?

"We just do not want SD to have space, and we're stuck with that.

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