Bike jaw knife hunting police in Växjö

A police have become the knife of a suspicious bicycle jaw in connection with a check in Växjö.

The perpetrator is a 20-year-old man and is now the suspect suspected of attempting murder.

"The police have been taken to the hospital," said Stephan Söderholm, president of the police in the South region.

It was Wednesday evening 19.39 for security reasons to drive a police escalator in the Araby area of ​​Växjö.

The patrol opened a cyclist's eyes and decided to check this to see if the bike had been stolen.

When the man had to be checked, he ran away.

When the police caught the flight, a sound occurred.

Then the suspect man fell with a knife and hit a police in his arm.

Photo: Carl Carlert

A police became a knife bug associated with a check of a person in Växjö.

When Aftonbladet speaks to the hospital, they do not want to provide information about the extent of the damage. The police also do not want to report anything about damage, but only say the following:

"The police have been transferred to the Växjö hospital," says Stephan Söderholm, presidential speaker at the police in the southern region.

Wrecked arms – then the man got off the knife

The event was classified as an attempted murder, and the suspect man, at the age of 20, was arrested after a colleague of the injured police had pulled his weapon.

The crime scene was blocked in the evening and technicians had to carry out a technical investigation.

Another person, a 39-year-old man, had to leave the place in a painted car.

According to the police he was & # 39; in a loud way. in the work and he was taken for a test drive in the nightlife.

The police are interested in testimonials from the site.

Have you seen or heard anything? Contact 114 14.

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