Björklund (L) rages against Bali (M) – posed with weapons on the shooting range: "Rated"

SWEDEN When parliamentarian Hanif Bali (M) poses with weapons at a shooting range, it is "perfectly sensible", says liberal party leader Jan Björklund, who is going to fight on Twitter against his Alliance colleague.

"I have been working with weapons for many years, and it is entirely sensible when an MEP poses in social media with an automatic weapon in a school building. & # 39;

So the party leader Jan Björklund (L) writes on Twitter on Monday morning. The criticism comes after the moderate parliamentarian, Hanif Bali, has portrayed a shot of himself with weapons – at a firing range.

"Seeing that DN is angry about shooting armed men with guns, thought to give them a heart attack by posing with an AR-15. Really nice shooting range at Högsätra school F-9", Bali writes. According to him, the shooting range is in the basement of the Gymnasium gymnasium.

The tweet of the Riksdag comes after the Christian-Democratic city council, Sara Skyttedal, was criticized in Dagens Nyheter for posing on a photo with a revolver. "If a young man from a suburb had published a picture with the same turret, that would have been unacceptable," writes Amanda Sokolnicki.

However, Hanif Bali's defense of his Allian colleague is being fooled by another Alliance colleague. According to Jan Björklund, former professional officer, it is "wise" to place a weapon on a firing range – if the shooting range happens to be next to a school. So far, the party leader has not given a detailed explanation of why he thinks that Hanif Bali was acting wrongly.

Björklund, however, receives the support of Viktor Adolphson, external officer of the police station in Södermalm, who believes that the image "gave unpleasant associations to school services".

Bali itself has responded with a video of 2016 gun policy, in which he explains why he was at the firing range:

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