Björnjakten canceled after a day – Hunters National Association: "Expand the hunt"

The boar hunting in sub-area 2 in Dalarna, eastern part of the county, was canceled early in the morning.

Early on Wednesday morning, the second day of boar hunting, the hunt was chased in sub-area 2, East Dalarna.

Reason: all 29 bears fell within just over a day. The yacht was canceled at seven in the morning.

At the same time, it is administrative law In Luleå, the Jägers Riksförbund, JRF, rejected the appeal to shoot more bears in the area.

"Administrative law has completely taken place on the board of the province," says Martin Lundgren, chairman of the Swedish National Association of Hunters.

The federation will choose Wednesday in a letter to the district council Dalarna not to bind to a number. They only request an extension of the boar hunting in the sub-area to include a higher number than the currently pushed 29.

The organization is considering that the County Administrative Board of Dalarna should consult with the provincial authorities involved. Together with this one must then decide on an extensive yacht in the area.

The hunger president does not notice in the least that there are many bears in restricted areas. It can be about three thousand hectares, which is considered very far-fetched. In particular, beasts seem to have enough in the area.

"If nothing happens now, there is a risk that we will get a problem later," he says, focusing on conflict people and bears in the current hunting area.

How quickly are you considering taking the decision?

"For logistical reasons, because many hunters have now said goodbye to hunt, it should be taken as soon as possible," says Martin Lundgren.

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