Body found after alarm about villa fire – police are now investigating murder

It was Sunday morning at 10.20 am that the police had a conversation about a fire in a villa in Hällefors.

When a police and rescue service arrived, a body was found in the home.

"We can not safely say that it is the remains of the man who was written at the address because the body is uncoloured," says Stefan Dangardt, press communications officer for the police in the Bergslagen region.

According to Dangardt it should have been burned in different places in the house, but the fire would have to be self-extinguishing due to a lack of oxygen.

"The house was not burned, but it was smoke and soot inside," he says.

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Classified as murder

The person who wrote on the address is a man in the 80's. The son of the man had sat on Saturday with his father and he was also the one who made the police on Sunday morning.

The police now believe that the fire took place somewhere in the night or in the early morning until Sunday.

"There is a death with unclear circumstances, after which we started a criminal investigation, which is a condition for us to carry out an investigation and a technical investigation." Our technicians are on their way to the site.

The police can not exclude that there is a crime behind the fire, but not the opposite.

However, the event is classified as murder.

– It is a routine action in such a case. But we are far from certain that there has been a crime, "says Stefan Dangardt.

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