Bommengroep warned about suspected dangerous object

The police are locked up in a house on Djurgården in Stockholm after warning a suspicious dangerous object.

The building is now empty.

"Bomb technicians are present," says Eva Nilsson, president of the Stockholm Police.

The alarm arrived on Monday evening at 19.40.

The police then went to a house in Djurgården after warning of a suspected dangerous object.

"It is true that it is a potentially dangerous object and we are now waiting for bomb technicians," said Eva Nilsson, president of the Stockholm Police.

The building is closed and evacuated and the current space is secured. Eva Nilsson does not want to say what it is about to build.

– You can settle for real estate.

"Saying to people to stay indoors"

According to the witness Oskar, the locks of Skansen extend to Gröna Lund.

"It's a big deal." The police tell people to stay inside because they suspect that there are explosive substances, he says to Aftonbladet.

At 23 o'clock, bomb technicians arrived at the place where they started their work.

"The object that took the initiative is secured," says Eva Nilsson.

It is now being examined at a different location.

– Now you want to make sure that there are no items left.

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The police drove to a house on Djurgården after being warned of a suspicious dangerous object.

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