Both Horace Engdahl and Danius at the party – Engdahl left early

During the large cultural festival of Tuesday in Djurgården there were two guests who paid extra attention. Both Sara Danius and Horace Engdahl – two of the most important opponents of the Swedish Academy – were in place.

Sara Danius, former permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, went on Saturday in P1 to a serious attack on mrs. Horace Engdahl in her live summer program.

In the program she described the scandal within the Swedish Academy as one of the largest in modern times in Sweden.

And towards the end of the program she came to Horace Engdahl with an ice-cold fitting:

– One thing is clear: the story will not be so friendly to the Swedish Academy of the day, especially Mr Engdahl, as far as he will be remembered.

Sara Danius in place during the Bonner summer party.


Horace Engdahl left the party early

Engdahl wrote in a comment to Dagens Nyheter that he did not listen to the program: "You may be surprised by what I am saying now, but I do not really listen to summer riders, and I make no exception to the one that appears today."

On Tuesday evening they were both in their place at the Bonnier party in Djurgården.

Sara Danius did not want to respond to the event, just a few days after her summer program.

Horace Engdahl before leaving the party.


Nor Horace Engdahl wanted to say something about the matter. When he left the event after an hour, Expressen asked Karin Sörbring if he had time to interview Expressen TV.

"It would have been great fun, but I have to hurry to the annual meeting with the boat club," said Engdahl.

Then he left the party with a happy mood.

"I have a plastic boat today"

Horace Engdahl told me this fall when Karin Sörbring interviewed him:

"I also had a motor boat for 20 years and first built a mahogany boat in 1958. Then you have to learn carpentry, glass masonry, sheet metal, painting, motor mechanics, some building art, it's a different life." When I go down to the Heleneborg boat club in Långholmen, I enter another world.

"I have a plastic boat today, I was ashamed to admit it, but my wooden boat lost a storm in 1999, a few days after I became a permanent secretary, and then I realized that I would not have time to go with a wooden boat to go A wreck takes at least 100 hours Now I could actually return to a wooden boat, but I hesitate a bit, it's a lot of work.

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