Brett Kavanaugh in the Wall Street Journal: "Too Emotional"

A few hours before the fate of fate, Brett Kavanaugh defends his nomination as the HD judge in a debate article.

But he acknowledges that he became too emotional when he was interrogated in the Senate.

"I know I was sharp in the tone and said a few things that I should not have said".

The debate article was published in the Wall Street Journal in the night by Friday, the Swedish time. It reads: "I am an independent, impartial judge".

Later on Friday, at 4.30 pm Swedish time, the Senate will vote for Brett Kavanaugh to be approved as HD judge. Senators have now read the FBI report on sex numbers and Republicans and Democrats are already unhappy if it speaks Kavanaugh's advantage or not.

Perhaps the debate article is seen as a last attempt to influence the vote in his favor. His fate is mainly determined by three middle-facing Republican senators: Maines Susan Collins, Arizonas Jeff Flake and Alaskan Lisa Murkowski.

All three have a history of cooperation with the Democrats and have not voted for Donald Trump at the presidential election.

Writing about her struggle for women

In the debate article in the Wall Street Journal, Brett Kavanaugh defends his candidacy, writes about his career that he is a neutral and independent referee who takes no other parties than the law.

He also writes that he has a tremendous record, both as a judge and as a private person, by promoting and promoting women. He mentions, among other things, that he has been playing basketball fans for some time.

But he also admits that he had become too emotional a little more than a week ago in the Senate Hearing.

"I was very emotional last Thursday, more than I've ever been, I've been too emotional on several occasions, I know I was sharp and I said a few things I should not have said, I hope everyone understands that I was there as a son, husband and father. & # 39;

Kavanaugh also writes that he testified with five people in his mind:

"My mother, my father, my wife and especially my daughters."

Domarlegendar gets his hand out of Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh has been criticized for being angry and losing his patience during the turbulent questioning of the Senate.

He repeatedly called the voice, calling the interrogation & # 39; a circus & # 39; and shouted: & # 39; You will never let me stop & # 39 ;. To the question of the Democratic Senate, Amy Klobuchar, he repeatedly responded to questions about her alcohol habits.

On Thursday night, Swedish time, former HD judge John Paul Stevens, 98, went outside and took his hand from Brett Kavanaugh. Stevens, himself a Republican, has previously praised Kavanaugh and supported his HD candidacy, but now says he "does not belong in a courtroom" after the Senate Hearing's behavior.

"I changed my mind because I can not find myself in his intellectual ability, and his appearance in the interrogation caused me to change.

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