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Pia Ejeklint began to hurt the summer when she was 16, she describes her arms as striped with scars, and on her left arm and on one foot his tendons are off.

"It's not great to go to town with T-shirts, people watch people whisper to people," says Pia.

She did this against itself, sometimes several times a day for more than 13 years. It started almost fifteen years ago with a New Year's Eve when she could not handle the fear anymore.

– I had read on the internet before there were many who wounded themselves. I thought if there is something that can ease what I feel, then I will try it no matter what it is. I also sat on the bathroom floor and thought I was doing it now, says Pia Ejeklint.

She does not remember much of the incident except the chaos before, and calmed down after she was wounded. That was why she became entangled in injuring herself. It initially helped against the fear, even if it did not work in the long run.

According to Bris' latest report about the conversations that took place in the summer, only the conversations of young people such as Pia are increasing. The number of young people who feel so bad that they injure themselves or come up with suicidal thoughts is 40 percent more since last summer, according to the report.

Magnus Jägerskog, Secretary General of Bris, has also responded to the large increase in talks that relate to other support efforts of the society aimed at children and young people. More calls from children that, for example, BUP and Student Health do not work, that type of phone call has doubled since last summer, he says.

"It is difficult to get in touch with care, there is a lack of resources in the health of students and it is difficult to make contact with them," says Magnus Jägerskog.

That many support agencies close in the summer this makes it a time when those who feel the worst are left alone, says Bris, who wants to see a change.

"We think it's good for children to contact Bris, but society has to see that other functions, such as receptions for young people, have to be available in the summer," says Magnus Jägerskog, Secretary General of Bris.

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