Brute theft against homeowners in Stockholm

The perpetrators crush the window to the entrance door when the villagers sleep – and force their car keys under fire.

The police are now investigating a dozen cases in a new robbery in the north of Stockholm.

"This is a particularly brutal crime," says Per Åkermark, operative coordinator in the police area north of Stockholm.

Since a month ago, several robberies have been directed against homeowners in the northern parts of Stockholm, particularly in Vällingby, Hässelby and Bromma.

& # 39; Night or & # 39; In the morning the perpetrators break the boxes with entrance doors and parachutes – with the aim of stealing keys from cars in the villages.

"People are at home and sleeping and are awakened by someone who breaks the boxes," said a source of transparency in the studies.

Criminals with weapon

In some cases, the perpetrators have stolen car keys that were just kept inside the door, but on several occasions the homeowners were also threatened with a gun according to the police.

"You get into the house by breaking the squares and in connection with this, you confirm the keys and you go in the car of the goalkeeper, in other cases you have called the door and you have been let in and you have the owner of the property threatened, says Per Åkermark of the police.

Most cases are classified as gross robbery.

– You have confronted residents with violence or threats of violence and therefore things are classified as grossly robbed. We have noticed that they are sometimes armed and what is called is a gun, says Per Åkermark.

"Brutal crime"

The robbery has been under way for a month and the police declare that they are now deploying considerable resources to arrest the perpetrators.

"We have eight to ten cases and we see an increase in July and August, which are particularly cruel crimes and we are working very actively on this, it is a priority to get as far as possible with these things," says Per Åkermark.

He does not want to comment on the progress of the investigation, but states that the perpetrators are currently free.

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