Busch Thor: Increase costs for toddlers – News (Ecotourism)

The Christian Democrats want to legislate on a ceiling for children's groups for small children, up to 12 children in each group.

"It should be remembered that there has been a very small increase over the past 16 years, and our proposal excludes families with the lowest incomes, but if you have a child, it can be more than 300 kroner more," Ebba said. Busch Thor.

The costs depend on the number of children you have enrolled at the same time for the kindergarten.

The Christian Democrats are also going choose to increase the production of nuclear energy. This will take place after negotiations with other parties in the current energy agreement and electricity traders will be instructed to purchase large quantities of nuclear energy to stimulate nuclear energy.

Security investments must be made in both Reactors 1 and 2 on Ringhals. You mean that the consumer would take those costs?
"Yes, in a transitional period it can be more expensive for the consumer if you do this type of purchase, where you ask the retailers to buy a certain amount of electricity over a long period of time.

– Today we have relatively low electricity prices. If we remove nuclear energy, electricity prices will rise, "says Ebba Busch Thor.

Even the question of family reunification has arisen. Moderates want to make the current temporary legislation permanent; by basically stopping family immigration, unless the person in Sweden can prove that he had a job for a year and could support the family:

Can you attract it?
"We will not be able to return to migration legislation that existed before 2015. We need a long-term overview and controlled migration policy, but for us it is important that small children can be reunited with their parents in Sweden.

Ulf Kristersson says that he does not intend to form and lead a government, not for a responsible policy.

Is family reunion an ultimatum on your part?
"I will not put an ultimatum on this issue, but Ulf Kristersson knows how important this is for us," says Ebba Busch Thor.

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