Car and car in a crash: "Strong collision"

A passenger car and a camper crashed on road 136.

The police declare that four people have been injured.

The road is off, according to Swedish Radio Radio Editorial.

At 17.15 hours a traffic accident took place with a camper and a passenger car on route 136 at the entrance of the Wikegårds-site in the north of Öland.

Rescue service, police and ambulance were sent to the site.

"The rescue service announces that there is a strong collision," the police wrote on his website.

The police states that six people are involved in the accident, one of which is jammed in the camper.

Four must be injured, two of them traveling in the camper, two in the passenger car.

At 5.35 pm the clamp was removed from the camper. "The person is unconscious", the police wrote on his website.

According to the traffic editor of the Swedish radio, the road is closed.

Damage and other circumstances are unknown at the time of writing.

The text is updated.


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