Carl Bildt helps the moderators in the rolling wallet

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt (M), together with the current moderator Ulf Kristersson, has been fighting for votes in Stockholm, including knocking of doors. And tomorrow Kristersson deals with the responsibility to debate Jimmie Åkesson with the former M-leader.

But that is a panic solution after the falling opinion figures of the party do not agree.

"I have had several debates with Åkesson and I have three over the next week, so I really have my share," says Kristersson, and continues:

"I think it's great that Carl, one of Sweden's foremost representatives in international cooperation in EU affairs, is nobody who can do this better in Sweden – that he is exchanging the SD in a debate. I really need the Swedish exit from the EU and we must now tell the Swedish people that if you leave the EU in a party that wants to leave Sweden, it could have serious consequences.

Carl Bildt believes that it was the "Agenda" of SVT that asked the question directly to him:

"It was" Agenda "that asked me, and they did so because I said twice that I did not think the European and foreign affairs had come up in the debate, I thought I would continue, he says in Expressen TV.

Should Kristersson not have conducted the debate against Åkesson?

"I have no idea that it was" Agenda "that decided to ask me, says Bildt.

Internally, there is dissatisfaction about the mother's election campaign, which is accused, among other things, of lack of clarity, Expressen said yesterday. Several M politicians also argue for a clearer conflict in the debate – between M and S, and between M and SD.

Clinks to minister post: "Can Ulf answer"

Carl Bildt is of the opinion that the ambiguity is partly reinforced by the bombs for party leaders and yesterday he criticized the Prime Minister of SVT because he was a "jippo".

"So much in the hearings is what is going to happen in different options, and then it will be harder to come to the problems – unfortunately, it is now in the nature of the political scene," he says.

The post of a foreign minister is excluded, claims Carl Bildt. But he still opens to "help" with an alliance victory.

"If there is an alliance government and they want me to help with something else, I can certainly do that.

But there will not be a ministerial post?

"You can ask Ulf, but it's not something I'm looking for at all," says Bildt.

Ulf Kristersson laughs when he gets the same question.

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