Class 1 warning in Skåne: "Can be 500 flashes per hour"

During the Saturday night there will be a storm in Skåne. Locally it can be up to 20 millimeters of rain and in an area that is about the same as Österlen, there can be 500 flashes per hour.

"We have a lot of thunderstorms on our way to the northeast, it's just a lot over Skåne with heavy sheds," says Inga-Lill Lundin, meteorologist at SMHI.

"There can be 500 flashes per hour in an area of ​​1,000 square kilometers," continues Inga-Lill Lundin.

It is with others an area that is about the same as Österlen. That is why SMHI has issued a Class 1 warning for the storm.

"It is the biggest risk of heavy thunderstorm at the beginning of the evening, then let it be late tonight," says Inga-Lill Lundin.

Storms will come with the thunderstorm. Locally it can reach up to 20 millimeters and the temperature will be around 12 degrees. Even late tonight the thunderstorm can be left on the Båstad route.

Sunday starts with a sun before the pile opens. The temperature rises slightly, between 15 and 18 degrees. There may also be a local shed.

Monday then?

Then it will be more of the same product, then there will be cloudy and rain coming from the west. However, it is not more than five millimeters.

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